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Global Multidisciplinary e- Conference

Global Multidisciplinary e-Conference 2013-dedicated to the UNESCO`s World Science Day

Distinguished Researchers,
We are pleased to announce that the European Scientific Institute, ESI has become
official UNESCO 2013 world science day celebration partner. ESI
together with its partners, the University of the Azores, Portugal and Grigol
Robakidze University, Georgia have joined the UN celebration of world
science day by lunching the Global Multidisciplinary e-Conference 2013.
This academic scientific event will gather researchers from universities, companies
and government executives from all around the globe. The
participants will present their scientific attainments in various academic
disciplines in online sessions. The event will connect different cultures
and attitudes thus contributing to: knowledge transfer, sharing best practices and
research skills improvement.
All accepted papers will be published as a special publication with an ISBN number.
The authors will be also sent a printed copy of the publication
after the conference finishes.
The papers will be also published in a special edition of one of the most
Influential international scientific journals in South Europe, The European
Scientific Journal (ESJ). ( http://eujournal.org/index.php/esj )
Authors will be given the opportunity, on their request, to make an online
presentation. However the authors of the accepted papers are not obliged to
present their works. 
We welcome submission in all UN official languages. Online presentations will be in
Supporting the concept of interdisciplinarity we welcome submissions in all academic
European Scientific Institute, ESI
Grigol Robakidze University, Georgia 
University of the Azores, Portugal

 For a submission or any other information please send us an e-mail on:
Email: contact@econferenceunday.net ( mailto:contact@econferenceunday.net )
Website: http://econferenceunday.net/

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