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Corpus callosum

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  1. Corpus callosum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corpus_callosum - Traducir esta página
    For the 2007 comedy-drama film, see Corpus Callosum (2007 film). ... also known as the colossal commissure, is a wide, flat bundle of neural fibers .... the corpus callosum becoming a subject of increasing numbers of studies in recent years.
  2. 7 the corpus callosum and stereopsis - Eye, Brain, and Vision

    hubel.med.harvard.edu/book/b34.htm - Traducir esta página
    The corpus callosum, a huge band of myelinated fibers, connects the two cerebral ... Its population has been estimated at 200 million axons—the true number is ...
  3. Anatomy of the Corpus Callosum Reveals Its Function

    www.jneurosci.org/content/28/7/1535.full - Traducir esta página
    de E Mooshagian - 2008 - Citado por 4 - Artículos relacionados
    13 Feb 2008 – As recently as the mid 20th century, the CC was thought to serve no other purpose .... (1992) Fiber composition of the human corpus callosum.
  4. [PDF] 

    Fiber composition of the human,corpus callosum

    www.nbu.bg/.../Fiber%20composition%20of%2... - Traducir esta página
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    de F Aboitiz - Citado por 627 - Artículos relacionados
    and a local increase of density in the posterior pole of the corpus callosum. Across subjects, the overall density of callosal fibers had "no significant correlation ...
  5. Information - Corpus Callosum Research Program

    www.emotion.caltech.edu/agcc/info.html - Traducir esta página
    What is Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum? Agenesis literally means a (not)-genesis (developed). This is a condition in which the corpus callosum of a fetus does ...
  6. [PDF] 

    Topography of the human corpus callosum revisited ... - DCA

    www.dca.fee.unicamp.br/.../hofer-frahm_neuroi... - Traducir esta página
    Formato de archivo: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Vista rápida
    de S Hofer - 2006 - Citado por 314 - Artículos relacionados
    The corpus callosum (CC) is by far the largest fiber bundle in the human brain ... interconnections between the hemispheres, but a number of heterotopic fibers ...
  7. Corpus Callosum Disorders - NODCC2.ORG

    www.nodcc.org/index.php?option...id... - Traducir esta página
    Disorders of the corpus callosum are conditions in which the corpus .... in this case if the callosal nerve fibers are fully functional and just limited in number, or if ...
  8. The size and fibre composition of the corpus callosum with respect ...

    brain.oxfordjournals.org/content/122/1/99.full - Traducir esta página
    de JR Highley - 1999 - Citado por 163 - Artículos relacionados
    A reduction in the total number of fibres in all regions of the corpus callosum except the rostrum was observed in female schizophrenic patients (P = 0.006; when ...
  9. Fiber composition of the human corpus callosum.

    www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1486477 - Traducir esta página
    de F Aboitiz - 1992 - Citado por 629 - Artículos relacionados
    11 Dec 1992 – The densities of fibers of different sizes were calculated in ten ... No sex differences in fiber composition of the corpus callosum were found.
  10. Corpus Callosum

    www.macalester.edu/.../Corpus%20Callosum.htm... - Traducir esta página
    The corpus callosum is a very thick bundle of nerve fibers containing both myelinated and unmyelinated axons. In the 18th century, the corpus callosum was ...

    1. Corpus Callosum

      biology.about.com › ... › AnatomyBrain - Traducir esta página
      The corpus callosum is a thick band of nerve fibers that divides the cerebrum into left and right hemispheres.
    2. PLOS ONE: Topography of the Chimpanzee Corpus Callosum

      www.plosone.org/.../info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%... - Traducir esta página
      de KA Phillips - 2012 - Citado por 1 - Artículos relacionados
      Tomasch J (1954) Size, distribution and number of fibers in the corpus callosum. Anatomical Record 119: 119–135. Find this article online; Witelson S (1989) ...
    3. [PDF] 

      Quantitative analysis of the human corpus callosum under light ...

      www.eurjanat.com/web/pdfdownload.php?id... - Traducir esta página
      Formato de archivo: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Vista rápida
      de SJ Rabi - 2012 - Citado por 8 - Artículos relacionados
      16 Feb 2007 – number of thick fibers (> 5 μm). The number of myelinated nerve fibers in the body of the corpus callosum was lower than in other regions.
    4. [PDF] 

      The Role of the Corpus Callosum in Interhemispheric Transfer of ...

      www.psychology.iastate.edu/.../Bloom_Hynd.20... - Traducir esta página
      Formato de archivo: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Vista rápida
      de JS Bloom - 2005 - Citado por 156 - Artículos relacionados
      number of nerve fibers. It is also important to keep in mind that although the corpus callosum is the primary axonal pathway con- necting the two cerebral ...
    5. The number of fibers in the corpus callosum of the white mouse

      onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/cne.../pdf - Traducir esta página
      de J Tomasch - 1957 - Citado por 6 - Artículos relacionados
      the corpus callosum in white mice, we became interested in knowing approximately how many fibres it may actually con- tain in this animal. Looking over the ...
    6. Brain Explorer - corpus callosum

      www.brainexplorer.org/.../corpus_callosum.shtm... - Traducir esta página
      The corpus callosum carries a large number of fibres from one cerebral hemisphere to the other and is the major route of communication between the two ...
    7. Commissural fiber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commissural_fiber - Traducir esta página
      Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging, researchers have been able to produce a visualization of this network of fibers, which shows the corpus callosum has an ...
    8. Fiber Geometry in the Corpus Callosum in Schizophrenia - 3D Slicer

      www.slicer.org/publications/item/view/2107 - Traducir esta página
      Fiber Geometry in the Corpus Callosum in Schizophrenia: Evidence for Transcallosal Misconnection. Whitford T.J., Savadjiev P., Kubicki M., O'Donnell L.J., Terry ...
    9. Agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC) Information - Corpal ...

      www.corpal.org.uk/acc.asp - Traducir esta página
      After the critical period of brain development during pregnancy no new fibres form in the corpus callosum and the appearance you can see on a scan will not ...
    10. Functional organization of human occipital-callosal fiber tracts

      www.pnas.org/content/102/20/7350.full - Traducir esta página
      de RF Dougherty - 2005 - Citado por 102 - Artículos relacionados
      17 May 2005 – The corpus callosum is a good example of such a convergence zone. ... The estimated number of fiber tracts varies proportionately with the ...

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