lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

The only interesting ideas are heresies

The excerpts:
All aesthetic judgment is really cultural evaluation. (9/3/1956)
All great art contains at its center contemplation, a dynamic contemplation. (9/10/1964)
Modern aesthetics is crippled by its dependence upon the concept of ‘beauty.’ As if art were ‘about’ beauty—as science is ‘about’ truth! (9/10/1964)
Art is a form of consciousness (11/1/1964)
Art is a form of nourishment (of consciousness, the spirit) (11/25/1964)
Could get a new art movement every month just by reading Scientific American. (3/26/1965)
Art is the production of mental events in / as a concrete sensuous form (12/4/1979)
Why has there been no new international style in 50 years? Because the new ideas, the new needs are not yet clear. (Hence, we content ourselves with variations + refinements on Art Deco and, for refreshment + fusions, parodistic — ‘pop’ — revivals of older styles.) (8/8/1975)
The only interesting ideas are heresies (6/30/1975)

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