lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

el capitalismo es incompatible con la democracia

1. once we talk more openly now on climate change, what actualy seems to
be a great success, Sandy having broking "that big contemporaneous silent

2. we are closer to focus in "a-so-far-land" as: the car mastodontic
system, and the way to survive to it,

3.  if all universities were so ciber inter actives, as this
eanth-list...! :)

4. about the ways for returning from that planetary massacre by
one-person-one-vehicle consumer-and-consumig phylosophy that always it is
time to revise and transforming towards more humanising cities and
agriculture, in a desirable more-than-global approach,

5. cars, with independence of the climate change problems, cause, have
caused, and will caused so highest numbers of damn and destruction to
people, public health, ecosystems, entire regions, for example in East Us
Coasts, subsummed beyond a minimal eco guarantee of survival, derived of
human invasion of too closer coastal areas, in so expansive, car-"owned",
urban sprawl,

6. all "social" would be revised and enriched from "eco-social",

7. in that way we fertilize old dychotomies within themselves:
rural-and-urban, as two complementary, synergic focus in symbiosis,

8. all living systems are technologies "per-se", humans transform them, as
all other species and individuals have cooperate, with humans, now and in
biological history, transforming, producing and reproducing them
(technologies) in symbiosis,

9. this make possible to attend to your own body as a super ellaborated
combination of (bio)technologies,

10. and who is who co-ordinate all that perfect technological owr body

and 11. you are also the technologist,

co-mmanding yourself, in the supossed case you know a minimal the living
life and landscapes, of your surroundings, where maybe you would need one
day to escape from a certain "environmental problem", and survive in
interdependence of a useful biodiversity, but only if we have a minimal
useful knowledge. The curious gift of present, so considered, is the
paradox that we forcefuly need how to survive, again, in natural areas,
exploring them, (precautionary principle knowledge), enjoying them, and,
at the same time, for a possible crisis

mimouX or sensing multi co operative system:


agustin antunez corrales
prof. tit.

Universidad de Málaga, Andalucía
departamento de biología animal

"Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiente y Autogestión":

"Agustín Antúnez Corrales":


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