jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

The Nature of Consciousness is Nature

The transensual nature of Consciousness is a rare semantic island in nowadays absurd dominance of more reductionistic focus.
But the most simplifying focus to understand Consciousness is all the sensing information arriving every second through our senses within our neurosemantical networks.
We all are transceivers. We receive and send every instant a big caudal of information.

This approach cover the "simplifier" feauture of the other post' author.

Of course consciousness is also reflective. But it is reflective upon all that sensorial information that we transceive every second: ¡One trillion bits!

It is urgent that knowledge will converge with actual scientific data about the great power of our (forgotten) sensorial systems. To follow speaking of brain, brain, and brain, never will help to understand anything, because brain is on body and information don't entry by brain, directly, but through our sensorial systems.

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