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वैश्विक विज्ञान, वैश्विक राजनीति, 
GLOBAL  العلم والسياسة العالمية


Scientific and technological advancements, from cell phones to vaccines to
nuclear power plants to genetically modified organisms, are progressing rapidly and
profoundly affect both developed and developing countries. In this class, we will
investigate claims of expertise, evidence, intellectual property, and development through
case studies such as sex selection, genetically modified organisms, nuclear energy and
biosecurity, and ask some of the following questions: How do governments balance
tensions between promoting its own national interests and cooperating with the
international community? What happens to politics when state officials fail to inform
citizens of real threats to life? What are the moral and political consequences of remedies
available in the wake of technological disasters (such as the Bhopal chemical leak and the
Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion)? How does the global nature of science affect the
outputs of science? This course examines the moral and political dimensions of science in
local and global communities.


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