miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Autopoieis Echoes in Journal of Biogeography


In that google preliminary search, I didn't found any result indicating the row fact of the using of that term, "Autopoiesis" within that renowned scientific journal.

¿Is this fact any advantage?


Because it seems that the dominion within noosphere, called "Journal of Biogeography" seems still virgin, and thus, easy for colonising, by that "new scientific species" called "Autopoiesis".

Actualy, as I am using now biogeography rules, for exploring noosphere, across google, within a "Biogeography of Noosphere" (Noosphere may be considered as "Knowledge Society"), All texts are suitable for analysing with exactly the same tools and rules developed in ecology and biogeography.

In that way texts, that in recent times were considered "sacred", as a hypersymbolic space apart from scientific methodologies, are now wholy available for all that diversity developed during years and years in thousands and thousands scientific papers published within scientiic jhournals...

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