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Infimonikal System: Polymathic Approach and Applications

Would the length of time of breastfeeding condition linguistic capabilities?

Infimonikal Mathemahical System have three epistemological "mothers": Fuzzy Logic, Piraha Language Systems, and Symbiosis Formula: 1+1+...+1=1. Any moment in your life you, as observer, perceive distinctions. The distinctions you are aware of, at any moment, depend upon your own actual interests and experiences. You perceive as a mamalian animal making distinctions. These distinctions shape, at any moment, a different subset of "U" Universal Set". Infimonikal System permits to work with imagination and intuition in order to cross the barriers among clasical disciplines.

Science has grown very much. And the low specialist/generalist ratio has prevented until today the building of a "true" global science. (en indymedia salió al revés)

Specialised scientific fields are tribal-semantic territories of high productivity.

The high speed in scientific discoveries in nowadays science is paradoxical when compared to the low, or very low, speed with which all this scientific novelties travel from their original fields to other fields of knowledge.

The polymathic approach in this text means that, when necesary, we would pass from one discipline, or scientific field, to others, in spite of the possible difficulties that such jumps would cause for the comprehension of the text.

We try to focus attention on this "new" way to look at the world we live in, using a mathematical basis (Infimonikal System) constructed with the main help of intuition and creativity. I am not mathematician. I am generalist biologist. I will try to explain practical applications of this system along the text, to show it heuristic capabilities.

The recent ascent of Abduction as a legitime methodological approach in science, that has already colonized several fields of knowledge, will add us in our work. Because Abduction permits the formalization of transdisciplinary connections, and of the "transversal" growth in scientific knowledge.

1) "The term Mamma: A Bio-Cultural Synapomorphy"

Would the length of time of breastfeeding for a child condition his/her linguistic and communication capabilities?

The term Mamma would be a good candidate to begin with Infimonikal System. Synapomorphy is a concept from evolutionary biology. We have make an abductive jump to connect different fields of knowledge. The term Mamma has another interesting advantage: generaly we all have experimented the neuro-semantical networks interrelated to this discussion. We all have used the term Mamma in our lifes.

Here an interesting question arrives. We part from the fact that almost all human languages use more or less the same term for "Mamma". If you reader are not included in this human group, by your double condition of human and mammalian animal, maybe you think another way...

We defend the term Mamma as a Bio-Cultural Synapomorphy because, in the human groups where it is generaly used, this use imply a certain characteristic development of organismic features, such as muscles, etc...

Culture and Biology are two fuzzy variables that feed human biology along their life. Both variables construct a network in people life and the result is a "symbiosis" between both.

Mamma also have another interesting feature. It generally is the first word learned in the beginning of our lives.

The question above try to call the atention about the fact that the muscles used to say Mamma are the same used to breastfeeding. In this way, breastfeeding may act as a "primal-language modulator" too.

In different languages there are different semantic clouds interrelated with the case we are discussing here. In arabian "Umma" means mother and community. In spanish breastfeeding is "amamantar" and to suck is "mamar".

The latin term "Felo" is reflexive, because its meaning is "double-way": to suck and breastfeeding. Maybe happiness (derived in latin languages from "Felo") is a "natural" term easily related to these basic and primal actions in human animals.

Maybe actual happiness is a variable that depends, among other factors, of our Bio-Cultural primal development as humans. In this way, the length of breastfeeding would be
probably correlated with the quality of linguistic and communication capabilities in children.

Maybe Mamma becomes very early in our lives a powerful neuro-semantic atractor whose development will depend upon the above discussed circumstances.

2) "The Strait of Gibraltar as Bio-Cultural Hotspot"

Which are the lowest-cost air trip from Andalusia?

Biologists study Biodiversity hotspots, as regions very rich in Biodiversity. The Strait of Gibraltar is a biogeographical barrier that separate two close terrestrial regions, North and South. Also the marine biota shows interesting differences from west to east, from Atlantic to Mediterranean waters.

But what about the Bio-Cultural Diversity?

At the Strait of Gibraltar history and politics converge to make this point one of the biggest geographical paradoxes in our times.

From South to North a paradoxical "Maxwell's devil" prevent the free way exclusive to many humans.

From North to South the barrier is most cultural. The Strait of Gibraltar join two continents: Europe and Africa. And the work made by police to guard the political border in the South is substituted in the North by the mass media and education systems, that construct a powerful mental barrier that prevent for many andalusian people the oportunity to visit and learn about a close intercontinental territory.

This is the reason for our second question:
Which are the lowest-cost air trip from Andalusia?

Andalusian culture and way of life is being changing rapidly in our times. In which direction?

Generally andalusian politicians follow speaking about "modernization". European Union has joint in the same political territory so distant countries as Andalusia and Finnland. But has separated more and more two close territories at north and south of the Strait of Gibraltar. These two so-close territories have not known a similar paradoxical situation in their history.

In the "Instantaneous Communication Society", we find these anacronisms. Millions people on the north "slope" that don't know almost "real" things about a historically "sister" region 14 km apart.

Please try to calculate (or imagine) the loss of money that actual situation causes for both sides of the border.

For this reason we write about the lowest cost air-trip.

If andalusian people could understand this problem, not merely as a "border" problem but a socio-economic-cultural problem, that affects directly to their own development as human and cultural beings, maybe things would go better...

Two pragmatical examples:

In the Medina of Tetouan, as in many cities from the South, things follows happening as many years ago. Why?

Efficiency is the answer. The level of people communication and comercial interchange every day of the year
is maybe higher than in any urban historical center in the European Union.

And the economic resilience in these communitary interchanges may prevent the tipical communitary dissociation that we see on the North coast more and more.

The Medina of Tetouan functions as a "Open Commercial Center", where many people of this populated city go for comercial interchange.

Today many urban historical centers in the European Union (Spain and Andalusia included) are like urban deserts, where communitary interrelations have been almost lost. And where non-formal commerce is generally forbidden or stronly regulated.

Maybe andalusian "urban deserts" could learn something from the close "sixter" South Coast, to prevent the actual crisis going worst?

The "intermediate transport systems":

In Maroc, as many places in the world, microbuses, vans and "collective taxis" complete the actual transport systems. And thus people have more opportunities to reach any places than in the north coast, where these systems are almost inexistent.

Andalusia and Spain seems ugly animals building more and more motorways and high-speed trains, whithout to see that in 14 km there are another solutions for the same transport problems.

What about efficiency? Efficiency is almost forgotten. More diversity in transport systems (including bike-paths too, another "rare species" in many spanish cities) imply more efficiency and autonomy for citizens.

Tahnks for your attention.

specialist/generalist (en la versión original, publicada en indymedia nueva york, salió al revés)

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